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Welcome to
Carbon Conversion Group

a leader in sustainable innovation and the transformation of waste materials into valuable resources

Carbon Conversion Group (CCG) is a ground-breaking plastic waste recycling company that specializes in transforming unrecyclable industrial and commercial plastic waste into synthetic graphene, graphite, hydrogen and other valuable commodities. CCG successfully addresses the escalating issue of plastic waste, simultaneously providing an environmentally friendly solution and producing critical materials for the US market. 


About Us

At CCG, we are reshaping the recycling industry landscape by turning landfill-designated industrial and commercial plastic waste into high-value commodities. Our patented technology, licensed from Oxford University, enables us to produce graphite, graphene, and hydrogen gas - critical elements to the US market - from waste that would otherwise be unrecyclable. We are the only company with the capability to recycle thermoset plastic, offering an eco-friendly solution that produces no waste effluents. 

Hydrogen gasses

By leveraging the largely untapped market of industrial plastic waste, we are not only reducing the amount of waste destined for landfills but also creating a wide range of valuable products for our clients across various industries. Our patented and patent-pending technology, combined with our commitment to environmental responsibility and economic value, makes CCG an indispensable partner in your waste recycling and material sourcing strategies. 

Carbon Nanotubes

Our Advantages

Elimination of Landfill Waste

CCG's innovative process drastically reduces the need for landfilling substantial amounts of unrecyclable plastic waste. This eco-friendly solution significantly contributes to environmental conservation efforts. 

Domestic Supply of Critical Products

The innovative process pioneered by CCG creates a domestic supply of critical products that are currently imported from China. This not only supports the local economy but also reduces dependency on foreign markets. 

Innovative technology

CCG's innovative technology, licensed from Oxford University, revolutionizes the recycling industry by transforming unrecyclable industrial and commercial plastic waste into high-value commodities.

Recycleing the future

Supply of Critical Minerals 

Graphite, one of the products produced by CCG, is among the 50 minerals deemed critical to U.S. economy and national security. 

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